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Below are some of the customer comments that we have received. Our cubby house kits can be used in a commercial or residential playground environment - kids love them!

queensland cybby house testimonial by John Goulding
queensland cybby house testimonial by John Goulding queensland cybby house testimonial by John Goulding
queensland cybby house testimonial by John Goulding queensland cybby house testimonial by John Goulding
Hi Guys,

Here are a couple of pics of the finished article. It turned up as you promised around New Year. It went together easily.

I had built a steel frame for it to sit on as it overhung the garden fence and down the slope.

We have not been able to paint it yet as it has been raining since we finished it.

Thanks for a great cubby. The grand kids are loving it.

John Goulding


Thank you Virginia! I have attached some photos of Xavier's cubby house. We call it bear creek lodge, even though it was the kookaburra loft, but we liked that name better and its a real little boy's cabin, we love playing in there and Santa always visits bear creek lodge, thats why I built a fireplace inside! We built the lodge for his first Christmas, and he just celebrated his 3rd birthday and proudly takes anyone who visits down to bear creek lodge to make a cup of tea. He plays in it every day, its his special little place. As you can see, it started out neat and tidy and now is a very well lived in cubby!

Super excited to build the new sandgroper, which Xavier has already renamed "Summer House". I'll be sure to send photos when its all finished. Please feel free to use the photos on your website if you like. Thanks again for the best cubbies ever!


skyfort cybby house testimonial by daniel
skyfort cybby house testimonial by daniel skyfort cybby house testimonial by daniel
skyfort cybby house testimonial by daniel skyfort cybby house testimonial by daniel
Just thought I would send you the photos of our finished Skyfort. Feel free to use them on your website.
Kids love it. Mum and Dad too.


Snowgum Cubby House installed at Nedlands Primary School

New cubby house installation of the Snowgum Cubby House at Nedlands Primary School.

Snowgum Cubby House installed at Nedlands Primary School Snowgum Cubby House installed at Nedlands Primary School
Snowgum Cubby House installed at Nedlands Primary School  

Morning, thought you may like to see your product painted and finished :-)
Santa landed in front of it (as you can see) and left a comment next to his Milk, Cookies and Carrots for the rain deer
"Thank you for leaving the lights on your Cubby, made it easy to find you and I must say - if I didnt need such
a big work shop at the pole to make toys for all the kids, I would live in your Cubby :-)"

Many thanks for your support over the build and completion. All the best for a safe and new year!

Kindest regards,
Mark Carey

Jumbuck Cubby House'

Jumbuck Cubbyhouse

"We have received the cubby you sent as a replacement for the one that the drugged-up hoon smashed.  I have just opened it up as we are still having repairs done on the rest of our back garden – the new fence goes in tomorrow.  My wife and I wish to send a little thank-you gift, can you please let us know your address and when it would be good to call for a chat.  You have, as a company literally saved us, as without you giving us a replacement cubby, the kids would have had to go for sometime without a cubby.  The building of the replacement begins Wednesday.  Everyone should know how fantastic CubbyKraft are!!"

Kind regards

An article appeared in Perth Now regarding this almost tragedy. CLICK HERE to read the article...

The cubby has turned out exceptionally well, and it is unbelievably well made. We searched high and low in South Australia, but found nothing that compares even close to the high quality of yours. The original price at first glance seems high but once you see how many and add up the extra items in it, they are very affordable and work out the same price as most others. I will definitely be recommending  you to anyone in search of a cubby for their little ones.

I have attached a photo of ours, the kids are busy playing and now want to go camping in it. We have fitted large interior and exterior lights just in case they can talk Dad into it.

Thank you once again


Thank you cubby craft we ordered the jumbuck cubby from you the kit was well marked and within specifications the instructions were clear and easy to follow the kids will have fun for years with this.



Darren Robinson

The Making of "Lollypop Lodge"

Our cubbies are TOUGH!, here's a photo of one of our cubbies that went through the Western Australian Bush Fires.

Another tough cubbie above, photos of what happened when this cubby went through the Queensland floods. These photos are of Marks Cubby (original photos below and show everyone helping out to get the Cubby house back to its original spot and ready for the kids to be able to play on again. It looks great just like it did when brand new, well done Mark and everyone else!


Hay there, thought I would show you what I built for the girls, do you think I went overboard with their cubby house? hehe. Sam and Mili had their 3rd and 1st birthday party on the weekend! We hope this finds you all happy and well.


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say thank you for supplying such a great product. I really enjoyed building it (even though it took me three days) and my 3 and a half year old girl (Emerson) loves it. I can't stand painting but the final product was worth it as you can see by the pics. It adds a new dimension to our back yard and to Emerson's play habits.

Thanks again
Louis Cheeseman

Thought you might like to see the result of "bearcreek Lodge" that we have been working on for out daughters 2nd Bday. It is now called "Lolly-Pop Lodge" as her name is Lolly. It even has power connected ! Thanks for a great product!

Deborah A

Hi Larry,
Having just completed my River gum cubby I can attest that it is a very good product with
a) the timber quality of a high standard as you promised
b) the accuracy within the 2mm you also specified.
c) the packaging and delivery arrangements were excellent and
d) the finished cubby looks great and will I'm sure provide years of fun for my grandchildren.
My neighbours and passers by have already remarked on it very favourably, and I am very happy with the outcome.
Barry Duck  

I am like any proud father who wants to build a cubby house for their son (or daughter). Fortunately for my son Josh, all I had to do was to ask Google. There are literally 100's of cubby house manufacturers in Australia.

After comparing many I thought Cubby Kraft had the best range and one that would suit my needs (and hopefully my son's). I was a bit concerned about the Freight from Western Australia to Brisbane but it was not much more than local delivery, I couldn't believe it. The whole kit arrived in a flat pack, with each piece individually pre cut and clearly labelled. The instructions came on a CD and I built it myself.

I did a few custom modifications but the whole cubby is great as delivered.

I have put it up in my front yard and people stop in the street to look at the cubby. Everyone asks me if I built it, of course I say yes, but the truth is Cubby Kraft built it, I just had to put it together. Little Josh is just starting to talk and the first time he ever put two words together he said "Dig Hole", meaning I want to go and play in the sand pit. It is so good to have a great play area. We love it when his little mates come over and they play all day in the cubby house. I can't imagine bringing up my son without this cubby house. We love it.

If you want a cubby house that is easy to put together and your kids are going to love, get one from Cubby Kraft.

Brisbane, Queensland.

Sarah B from Queensland has sent some photo’s of their completed cubby supplied by Cubbykraft    FANTASTIC JOB!!!

Hi Larry & Virginia

My name is Claudine and you may remember me as we used to live in Talbot Brook, just outside of York, and bought a Cubby from you a few years ago.  We recently moved to Victoria and are embarking on finding a cubby for the kids - try as I may, I cant find a cubby supplier that even comes close to what CubbyKraft provides.  I see that you deliver to Melbourne but am wondering if it is possible and the charges for delivery to country Victoria. 

I am looking at the Jungle Tower/Toybox Tower.
Many thanks and kind regards and hope it is as cold in Toodyay as over here - FREEZING!!!
Claudine R

Cubby House TestimonialHiya guys,

Just thought I'd send you a quick note, saying, not only was the whole cubby easy to build and the timber was of exceptional quality but I was very impressed on how well thought out the whole structure is. You guys have obviously done some serious research into the development of all your products and it is good to see that a W.A. Company really takes a lot of pride in giving the customer the guarantees and satisfactions out of it products. Well done!!!!

Also thanks to the all the support and advice given - prior, during and after it was delivered.

Once again thank you very much.

Attached is a photo of the finished product.  The kids think it is the best thing since sliced bread and (just quietly)
so do I.

If anyone is in the market for a cubby I will have no hesitation I showing off our’s and hopefully passing you on another customer.

Cheers  !!
Dave and Jenny

Hi Larry,

Photos of Shannen, Ashley and Denver's new "shack".  We had a Cubby Warming (and Ashley's 5th birthday) on October 20th.  We had over 40 little people and as many parents here to join us for celebrations.  Just about all of Ashley's preschool class came and the cubby and party are still the talk of the school (had a couple of gatecrashers).  It was a fantastic day and the Cubby was certainly warmed.  We have a fluro light and two wall fans inside to make play-time a little more comfortable and a gazebo that we put up in front of the slides for shade.  The girls love it and we quite often have a picnic lunch on the verandah or under the gazebo.  I am making PVC blinds for the windows to keep out the rain which I can roll up for play time.  There was a lot of anticipation for the cubby to be finished and up as I spent many a late night working under spotlights to get it finished and a lot of the neighbours would come past to check on the progress.  The lattice "cage" is a storage area for all of their bikes and scooters etc.

You might have noticed that the letter box isn't up anywhere...well, I only bought 1 and the girls couldn't agree on which side it should go so it was put in the shed before blood was spilt.  Also, if you know of anyone else buying a cubby from up here who needs a 1.2 elevation kit I have one here that they could get at a cheaper happy to deliver it to them.  You'll also notice they we made some modifications...higher rail for verandah (so the 2 yr old couldn't throw herself or anyone else over), wider stairs (so they couldn't throw each other over the side), screens on the windows (before we got them Denver (2) would practically hang out).  Unfortunately we didn't decide on the wider stairs until after we had just about finished hence the support beams/poles not having the best possible placement.  Denver is the youngest but definitely has the most attitude and soen't mind pushing her older sisters aside...or out of the picture :)

Don't for get to send  a sign up with the replacement slide so that we can put it up on the wall.  From word of mouth and the school grapevine we are getting people driving by to have a look. And, if it's not too late I would also like to buy 2 more sets of plastic handgrips 250mm X 75mm, preferably red and yellow if you have them.  Could you please call me so that I could pay over the phone or advise of your bank account details so that I can do a transfer.

Thanks, for the wonderful customer service.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Janelle S. , NT

Cubby house Testimonials
Cubby house Testimonials

Hi Larry and Virginia,
Here's a couple of pics of the finished construction. Our choice of the Wallaby Lodge proved to be everything you promised. It is a wonderful, easy to construct, DIY kit construction product. 

Cubby house Testimonials
Cubby house Testimonials

The cubby not only provides great joy and fun times to our grandchildren, but it was a really satisfying cooperative family project that has also added a very attractive landscaping dimension to our garden. 

Please accept our sincerest appreciation for the courteous, considerate and helpful professionalism of yourselves and your staff.

All the best for the future,
Ern Johnson

Thanks Larry and Virginia,

Your kit worked perfectly and once completed was exactly what we had in mind for our backyard. As it stood the kit would have been great for the kids but I wanted to expand it to give them more to run around in. Adding a deck to each side highlighted the value of your kits, as just the timber for the decks cost half as much as the entire kit. Also, the LOSP treated wood of the kit was more attractive and better quality than the treated pine available locally. The packaging and labelling of parts made construction a simple step-by-step process. All in all, I'm confident your kits offer better value than any other I've seen advertised, Australia-wide.

Paul Grey


Hi there Larry and Virginia,

I am a very proud owner of a Wallaby Lodge Cubby, I bought it about 3.5 years ago and ALL of our friends are very jealous...

A question I have for you is what kind of timber would our cubby be made from??? We are moving in a couple of months and a friend of ours would love the cubby, but they would like to know what the timber is. Any tips on dismantling the cubby and is it possible to get plans to re build or should it be pretty straight forward?

Our kids have enjoyed every moment in the cubby especially when we get together with friends and family and they get to share it with cousins and friends. It is such a shame that we are moving and there will be no room for it, but they are getting older and it is time to move on.

Thanks for taking the time to read my email and thank you for our little 'piece of heaven' outside.

Yours truly,

Lynda Paull
Completed CubbyHouse

Hello Virginia, Larry and Sam,

Here's a photo of our finished product. Thank you so much for the wonderful cubby, you may also have more orders coming your way from this area as all our friends love it too!!!!!

Thanks again,

Cubby House Kit Dear Larry & Virginia (and Sam),

Thanks for all your help. Our cubby is GREAT!

We didn’t have much space in our backyard but you did a great job modifying the cubby kit (a few inches) to make it fit. Now our son James has a great place of his own.

It arrived within a few weeks and it was easy to assemble. The whole family had a great time putting it together. (Right is a picture of my son and my dad during construction). 

Cubby House With a coat of stain, some curtains and sand pit out the front it looks like a professional job.


Noel, Jacinta and James
Melbourne, Victoria.

Hello Larry & Ginnie

Just to let you know we have finished the cubby okay and the kids love it. As my husband is not a tradesman I thought it might be too much for us to build one on our own as all the timber and frame was all cut to size it made things a lot easier and the photos were a big help.

J. Osmond

Hi Larry

Thank you for your help with our cubby we have been looking around for sometime for a cubby for the kids but they are all too expensive. Having brought a pre-cut cubby from you we managed to build a new one instead of ending up with a second hand one.

Thanks for your help

Joanne Yates

Thanks Cubbykraft

The whole family helped build the cubby on the weekend even the dog managed to get in on the action. But we did get it done and the plans you supplied with photos and the cubby all pre-cut to size certainly made it a lot easier to build. Great value, thumbs up from our family.

Many Thanks
Andrew Wilson

Hi Larry and the guys at Cubby Kraft,

Have just finished the Queenslander Cubby that you supplied us, as you can see we put on an extension.

We are very pleased with the product you supplied us and the Grand Kids and friends children have a ball in it.

Also a big thanks goes to Glen for his assistance and advice on building the cubby.

Cheers Guys
Darren and Janine Russell

Queenslander Cubby Queenslander Cubby Queenslander Cubby


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