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Cubbies Help to Build the Indefinable Bonds of Friendship

Friends – your escape from family! Can you even imagine your life without your friends? No way! What have you not done with your friends’ right? Can you even imagine doing half of the mischief you have done all by yourself? The picnics, the pranks, the scars, breaking up and making up after a fight over something silly – all part of the indefinable bond of friendship that is cherished even after growing up!


Seeing your kids develop the same kind of bond with their friends just fills your heart with so much joy that surely you cannot describe with words. Friendship is about more than having a partner in crime and more than about having someone participate in fun and games. You must know what role friends play in your lives, in your emotional and psychological development. So, naturally as parents, you would want your kids to have good friendships to help them through their lives.

Good friends are a source of companionship, comfort and joy. Developing friendship bonds help your children develop essential social and emotional skills. It allows your children to learn how to share with others and how to achieve tasks cooperatively. It also makes them appreciate their friends’ role in their lives; and most importantly, it adds fun in their lives!

So parents need to encourage their children to develop bonds of friendship, especially if they are shy or have some disability which affects their self-esteem. In order to encourage friendship bonds and encourage a healthy playtime activity, coupled with a learning and development experience, get your children a cubby house.

Cubbies provide an excellent opportunity for your children to spend hours and hours having fun and building bonds of friendship. Cubbies provide a safe and protected environment, just like home, so you know children are safe during playtime. Even children feel safe playing in cubbies as they get a familiar environment together with an independence to manage the home as they like.

Your kids and their friends can use their imagination and turn the cubby into any place they desire. They can decorate it according to their wishes and place different toys in the cubby to play with. They can play together in teams, divide the cubby house into two parts and have a contest on which side is better decorated or more organized.

Friends can have sleepovers and slumber parties in cubbies. You can build them a camp outside the cubby house, build them a bonfire and give them a fun-time roasting marshmallows and sharing scary stories! You can design a scavenger hunt and hide different toys in the cubby house; then give clues to your kids and their friends to go on a scavenger hunt!

The opportunities of conducting activities that stimulate learning with friends and activities that can be implemented in a cubby house to help your children develop friendship bonds are endless! To see the different varieties of cubbies that you can buy for your kids and the range of accessories you can add to them, visit Gift your children a cubby and see them build the indefinable bonds of friendship!


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