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Activities for children in a cubby house!

Cubby houses are a great new way for engaging your children in fun and productive activities. They do not only provide opportunities of physical activities but also those involving mental development. Cubby houses can cater to children of all age groups, be it toddlers, pre-schoolers, those in middle childhood or even pre-teens.

Cubby houses are miniature replica of real houses. They come in many colours, designs, sizes and price points. They are made with recyclable material and can have recreational stuff installed in them, e.g. swings, slides, swinging ropes, telescopes, etc. They are ideal for children to play using their imagination and getting the best of nature. Fresh air and sunshine are good for your children’s mental and physical health, and in this age of electronic games and internet, kids do not get many chances of getting out of the house. Having a cubby house is a great incentive for children to relinquish their gadgets and breathe in some fresh air.

When you actually get a cubby house, it would be a good idea to involve your children in its assembly process. It would be a great way to bond and spend some quality time with your children. After that, suggest some activities to them so they can make good use of the wonder that is the cubby house. There is a host of activities that your children can do in the cubby house. For starters, install enough equipment for physical games in the cubby house so your children can simply play on them. This equipment includes slides, swinging ropes, etc. You can install educational equipment too, for example a telescope. Encourage them to keep a laptop on the side and spot stars or celestial bodies while learning more about them through the internet. Bird watching can be other such an activity.

Using the structure of the cubby house can also be very handy. You can encourage your children to use their imagination and play games imagining the house to be a fort, a castle or a ship. For girls, it is the perfect venue to play house. They can call their friends and have a great time without worrying about making too much noise and disturbing you. They can also scatter their toys wherever they want and later, ask their friends to help clean up when they are done playing.

Having a cubby house can also present a perfect opportunity for your children to plan parties at the cubby house. They can be birthday parties, Halloween parties or even random one-dish parties. They will promote their social skills, friendships and even prevent you from spending hours cleaning or using the house space for yourself.

Your children can also house your pets in the cubby house and you may not have to worry about building a separate shed or even cleaning inside the house after the pet.

Many more activities like the ones mentioned above can be planned around the cubby home. You should let your children’s imagination run wild and let them plan games on their own. It would strengthen their creativity and also enable them to stay physically fit.


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