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Five Ways to Teach Social Skills to Kids Using Your Cubby House

Social skills are some of the most important skills parents can teach their young and school aged children. When your kids learn how to listen, respect authority, make friends, etc they are then able to learn the things other people can teach them.

One study done at Vanderbilt University found the top 10 social skills kids need to succeed in school, based on surveys of 8,000 elementary teachers and two decades of classroom research. They are :

  1. Listen to others
  2. Follow the steps
  3. Follow the rules
  4. Ignore distractions
  5. Ask for help
  6. Take turns when you talk
  7. Get along with others
  8. Stay calm with others
  9. Be responsible for your behavior
  10. Do nice things for others

By learning these social skills your kids will learn to not only survive in this big world, but they will also be able to strive for the goals they set.

You can help your kids learn these social skills by using their favorite backyard toy – their cubby house or fort. Here are five tips to help:

  1. Set up some play dates with your child’s friends. Allow some unstructured play. When kids play with children their own age, they learn so many things. You can count on each item in the list above to happen, at least once. This is a big reason why our peers are so important to our development throughout our lifetime.

  2. Play board games on the deck. Board games help kids learn to follow directions and take the correct steps from start to finish. They also allow kids to learn how to stay calm when things are not going their way.

  3. Have your child serve a snack to their siblings or friends out in their cubby. They will learn how to take turns talking and how to do nice things for each other. They may even ask for help. But, if they don’t, you needn’t worry as the cleanup will be outside and not in your kitchen!

  4. Create an end of the day clean up routine for your kids cubby house or fort. Kids will gain some great organizational skills along with strengthening their social skills.

  5. Set up a craft table in the cubby house where your kids can paint, glue, color, etc cards for people to make them happy. They can make them for their teachers, grandparents, anyone who could use a smile.

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