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Have Snack Time in Their Cubby House

So, your kids running outside to play after lunch and they are having such a great time, you don’t want to call them in for snack. But, if you don’t, you know that they will get way to hunger and come in to eat a snack right before dinner, spoiling their appetite. But there is an alternative answer, take heir aftero=noon snack out to them in their cubby house or fort. Using this backyard toy as a place to eat a snack – or even lunch – shows how versatile it is. Here are a few great kids’ snack ideas to try:

~ Ants on a log. Peanut butter spread on celery sticks and then you add raisins. I let my kids do the last part – they love it!

~ Cheese and fruit kabobs. Make square hunks of cheese and put them on a kabob stick with strawberries and bananas in between. Or use tooth picks and put one piece of cheese and a grape or two on each one. Your kids will love these.

~ Fruit and yogurt popsicles. These tasty treats with keep your kids cool while giving them the sustenance they need to continue playing until dinner time.

~ Homemade muffins are an excellent snack and can be served with any type of cool drink including healthy milk and juices.

~ Yogurt is a great snack that kids love and it cleans up quickly.

Healthy snacks are important for kids to have for a number of reasons. One, they help kids keep their energy levels high as their digestive system is not at full maturity, it is harder for them to go the long span from lunch to dinner. Second, kids that don’t have a healthy snack in the afternoon will become over-hungry. They will over indulge in sugary snacking or at dinner which is one of the common causes of obesity in children.

Another great reason to get your kids in the habit of having a healthy snack in the afternoon is it can help them get the nutrition they need. This is especially true for picky eaters. If you can’t get your kids to eat their vegetables at mealtime, then a fruit at snack time becomes all that much more important, right? While snacks should never replace the healthy parts of a normal meal on a regular basis, they can help keep our kids healthy when they do.

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cubby house

Are your kids so full of energy they cannot sit still? Kids have this energy because they are growing. Their body is telling them that they have to move for healthy development and then it gives them the energy to do that moving. This is why your kids need you to provide them with a place for active play. That is where the Brisbane Deluxe cubby house can help. With a backyard kids toy like this one, your kids will be outside playing in it all day long. When they use up all their energy playing outside, they will come in and get a good healthy night’s rest.


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