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Get Your Kids Outside Playing in a Cubby House or Fort

Let’s talk about what happens when kids are stuck inside for too long because they don’t have a cool toy like a cubby house in their backyard. It happens, all too often in some cases, that kids will not get enough outside time. This is time that they need to develop and grow in a healthy manner. But for any number of reasons, they don’t get out. It really does start out innocently. It rains one day, they get hooked on a movie marathon or video game for hours, they spend all day in school and come home to lay on the couch watching cartoons, etc. All indoor activities, if repeated often, can really be a detriment to your child’s health.

Now, think back to those days that your kids stay inside all day playing video games or watching television. How are they? Moody? Bored? Yes. That is when you will have the most problems with your child, when they are moody and bored. But there is a simple fix for that. Get them playing outside in the fresh air. Really, it is just that simple. When children are outside, they get rid of penned up energy and work up some of those happy endorphins. They work out their muscles , helping them to develop and grow. And an added plus, they tired themselves out, getting themselves ready for a restful sleep.

According to the Health Department in Alberta, outdoor play is vital because it:

  • Gives kids a chance to burn off energy
  • Can be calming and allow kids to “recharge” their energy levels
  • Helps kids learn to interact with and understand the natural world
  • Offers a chance for more social interaction with peers
  • Helps to develop their powers of observation and their assessment of risk
  • Offers more opportunities for creativity and free play
  • Helps to build a strong link between physical health and outdoor play, at a young age

And what can you do to get your kids outside so they can take advantage of all it’s healthy benefits? You can provide fun things for them to do while they are out there, like a fun cubby house or fort, swing sets or a combination of both. We hear it all the time, our customers tell us they used to have to beg their kids to go outside. But, now that they have a cubby house or fort in their backyard, they have to beg their kids to come back inside for dinner or bedtime. It’s true. Kids love having adventures in their cubby house and fort.

Highlighted Cubby House: Kimba’s Castle

cubby house

Kimba Castle is two cubbies in one. This is a great choice to allow children to grow into their cubby house. This comes with a standard sized cubby that is on the ground level and is easily accessible to even toddlers who can find fun on tis play set. The other structure that is attached to the standard cubby is a loft style look out cubby. The loft cubby is lifted on support poles so the cubby is raised above the ground. The loft area can be reached by either climbing up the stairs or climbing up the rock pegs on the rock wall…


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