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Rules for Kids Health

Kids are good listeners, especially when you make the message to the point and meaningful. That’s why those sweet little sayings always hold so much meaning for them. Plus, when you give kids health advice, you want to use only one or two words, so they will remember them until they get much older – and maybe even follow the ‘being healthy rules’.

You are what you eat, so eat good stuff! This is so true and we tend to ignore the fact that we eat way too many foods that do us no good. Not only junk foods that are bad for us, but we eat foods that have no value. For instance, drinking processed lemonade mix that has no calories. It isn’t really bad for kids, it has no sugar, but it isn’t good for them either. When you think about the fact that real lemonade, even with a little sugar – is very good for you, you begin to wonder how we got to this point. When you do serve your child something that they like that is good for them, talk up it’s value. Tell them what it does to make their body grow and become stronger.

Drink water! A few years ago, I implemented an Only Water policy at our dinner table. I knew my children were not getting enough water throughout the day and I wanted to be sure they at least got one glass. While I can’t run after them all day long – especially the teens – I can get them into a good habit. This is the power of being a parent. Look for places where you can instill the good habit of drinking water – maybe only water in the cubby? – and you’ll know that you are doing your best to get them what they need.

Limit screen time. Spending too much time in front of the television or computer game screen make that activity have adverse effects on your kids health. While in moderation, it can be good for a child to play on their computer, if they are not getting enough outdoor time, it takes too much away. The brain cannot develop into a healthy mind without the rest of the body doing the same, and out muscles need physical outdoor activity. So come up with a plan and stick to it.

Be active. Run, play, jump, skip, climb… whatever you want to do, just get going! Run after the bandits, have races with the neighborhood kids, climb a rock wall and slide down a slide. All of these active activities will help build muscle, contribute to a strong heart and help your child develop a healthy body.

So four simple rules for your kids to remember, bring the up the next time you are sitting at family dinner. I bet your kids will have some good ideas to add.

Highlighted Cubby Fort: Kangaroo Cottage

kids health
Kangaroo Cottage cubby house and fort has so much to offer a growing family. It is one of our larger backyard outside toys as it is a combination of two of our best, an elevated traditional cubby house and a fun-time cubby fort. Your children will have plenty of room to play together and each will be able to find a spot all their own when they want one. This is also a wonderful cubby house and fort for an outdoor play area at a home daycare centre.

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