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Cubby Houses for sale – but why buy a cubby house?

At Cubbykraft we’re passionate about play! And with a cubby house, play will reign supreme in your household! Here at Cubbykraft we’ve got the most amazing home playground equipment that you could ever wish for! We have cubby houses for sale from the small and gorgeous, to the large and amazing. Whatever DIY cubby house you’re looking for, we’re sure to have it. Getting a cubby can instantly turn your backyard into the most amazing kid’s kingdom ever! You won’t see your kids for dust as they charge out there at every opportunity. You know you might even be able to have a lie in on a weekend day! ‘What?’ I hear you say…yes it’s true. Kids love cubbies plain and simple.

But you may be looking at a cubby house and wondering if it’s worth the investment. Well we can say for sure that it is, as cubby houses have the most amazing benefits to your child’s overall wellbeing, and besides that, wooden cubby houses last for years and grow with your children. There are other benefits of buying a wooden cubby house as opposed to plastic playground equipment; wooden cubby houses are more sturdy and are more resistant to the heat, plus they’re more environmentally friendly.

As your kids get older their interests will change, and the great thing is that you can change it up a little bit in your cubby house to tap into those interests. Read our blog article here on ‘How to keep the magic alive with a cubby house.’

A cubby house is a fantastic investment for your child’s health and happiness, to get them outdoors enjoying the fresh air, moving those muscles and using their imaginations as their cubby house takes them to all sorts of new and exciting places!

Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in a cubby house.

• A cubby house encourages play which develops imagination, creativity, social skills, problem solving skills, learning to share and negotiation skills. Whatever your child dreams up, so a cubby house can become. With great cubby house accessories, you can add even more interest like steering wheels or telescopes, binoculars or even a ship’s steering wheel and their cubby will take on a new persona for the day! A cubby house can be anything your child wants it to be.
• A cubby house encourages exercise which we know is good for kids overall health. At a young age their muscles are still developing and exercise helps all their muscle groups for important skills like balancing, walking, running, writing, jumping, hopping on one leg or two and many others.
• A cubby house encourages a kid outdoors which has the obvious benefits of fresh air and sunshine, but they also get more connected to nature and learn to appreciate our environment more. There was a recent report by the federal government outlining the state of kids obesity in Australia, and their biggest recommendation to parents, is to get those kids outdoors…when they’re outdoors, they are more likely to move their bodies and exercise.
• A cubby house encourages independence as kids learn to play by themselves which helps them to find what they’re passionate about!
• A cubby house is your child’s own special place, a place to call their own. Having this space allows them to engage in unstructured play. This type of play is the freedom to play away from rules and structures and learn in their own way. They will learn important life skills in a cubby house. It can be a place for them to calm down, enjoy peace and quiet, have play dates with friends, do their homework or just chill. It’s theirs sheltered from the adult rules and boundaries that we set.
• A cubby house encourages you to create a special bond with your child. It has been well documented and researched that if parents take just 20 minutes out of each day to spend with their child it will have a huge impact on the parent, child bond. This 20 minutes however has to be uninterrupted time, away from all distractions like phones, household chores, emails and so the list goes on. You need to get down to your child’s level and let them lead the ‘play date’. You will be amazed at the results in the connection with your child. Now think about spending this time in a cubby house…there are no distractions, you are in their space, their domain, so you get to connect with them on your level. But don’t cheat and take your phone with you!

These are the important life skills your kids will gain from a cubby house, but you might be wondering how to put this DIY cubby house up. Honestly, it’s not hard. With just a little bit of knowledge it could be up in no time. All our cubby houses come with DIY playhouse plans, clear instructions and even online videos to help you. It will be up in no time at all. But don’t look like you’re too good at it, otherwise you might be roped into other DIY tasks around the house.

These are the amazing benefits of a cubby house, and we’ve got loads of cubby houses for sale. If you’re interested in buying one, please check in to our Facebook page for the latest updates or check our homepage for the latest updates.


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