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How to keep the magic alive in your cubby house

Kids heaven, kids kingdom, play palace…whatever your cubby house is called it is sure to have transformed your backyard into a fun place for your kids to play and is the ultimate in home playground equipment! And this little bit of kids heaven should keep them entertained for years to come!

Here we’re going to give you a couple of ideas on how to keep the magic alive in your cubby house, so that your kids get years and years of entertainment out of it, making it the best investment you’ll ever have made! We’ll show you how to help it grow with your kids, so the excitement never goes away.

A cubby house is definitely like pulling a moth to a flame with kids…they just can’t help themselves. So that in itself is fantastic, but with just a few extra dashes of creativity now and again, it will keep them going back for more and build those all-important skills like imagination, creativity, negotiation, problem solving, exercise, social skills amongst many others.

1. Mix it up now and again. As your kids grow, so they’ll have interests in different things. If they’ve had it since a toddler, chances are they have different interests now. So you might want to swap out some toddler toys and add some new props like science kits, dress-up clothes, sporting equipment like cricket bats and balls, dolls houses or anything that captures their imagination.

2. Give it a new look, outside. Again, as interests change, you might want to get the whole family involved and give the cubby house a new lick of paint. If it’s fairies they’re into, you could paint a pink palace, or a superhero badge will turn the cubby house into a superhero den. The best place to buy paint and all the supplies you need is Bunnings. If you don’t want to paint the cubby house, you could always add props outside, for example hanging a badge on the door or putting up fairy lights (as long as they’re safe). The idea here is to tap into their interests.

3. Decorate it. Just like you would decorate a bedroom, get your child involved in decking out the cubby house to suit their interests – paint it, make some props out of cardboard, add cushions or pillows, book shelves or lights. You can turn your cubby house into a castle, a ship, a submarine or shops…make it a fun family project.

4. Add accessories. You might want to add a few accessories if you don’t already have them to spice up the cubby house a bit more. You could add things like swings, play packs, rock climbing walls, basketball hoops – add these accessories as they grow to keep the interest alive, and of course get them moving their muscles more!

5. Ultimate play dates. As your children grow, so you’ll probably have more kids over for playdates. A cubby house is perfect for play dates as kids are in their own space ready for ultimate play. When they are younger you might want to set the stage, so to speak, with art and craft goodies, pretend play props or just plain toys. As they get older play dates change and you can even start having sleep overs in the cubby house for awesome fun (obviously when you and your kids are ready for it). You can serve picnics, dinners and snacks in the cubby house, so the kids are left to their own devices to have a ball.

6. Parties. A cubby house is the perfect place to throw a kids party, regardless of their age. You don’t have to go out and hire expensive venues; you’ve got the party venue right in your backyard. Decorate your cubby to suit the theme and you’ll have the perfect party for your little ones, or even older ones

Here are some great cubby houses for all-round great entertainment to last years!

Alpine Lodge Swing Gym Cubby House


Chipmonk Kindy Gym


Timbertop Mansion Cubby House

Timbertop Mansion Cubby House


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