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A Cubby House – The Perfect Party Venue

Planning a birthday party for your child can be awesome; but it can also be harrowing, unless you have a team of minions doing all the work for you. My guess is that’s not often the case.

Find the venue, think of the theme, invitations, food, games and gifts; not only are you running around like a worker ant, but it costs money! And it costs a lot of money!

Well we might just have the perfect solution to your kids party venue blues!

A cubby house could be the perfect party venue for your kids.

Cubby houses attract children like a moth to a flame as they say; so having your kids birthday party in their cubby in your backyard will have you feeling like a goddess of a party planner. It will keep them entertained for hours; so you won’t need to jump around in a clown suit, dress up as a fairy or other scary things! Cubby house = the perfect party venue with parties sorted for years!

Having the perfect kids party venue of a cubby house in your backyard will save you loads of money, time and hassle at the same time; no venue hire, no entertainment hiring, no expensive catering from the venues themselves and it’s much easier to manage. Think about all the things you need to trudge back and forth from the car to the venue; the cake, the decorations, plates, cups and a myriad of other things! Well if you’ve got your cubby house, you just need to take a small little step out of your backyard and into the cubby house and you’ll be brimming with glee at your super party powers as it’s gets sorted in no time at all!

To have the perfect party in your cubby house, here are some ideas of what you’ll need to make it a banging success!

• Choose the theme – do this with your child

• Buy or make invitations that match the theme and send them out to the lucky invited guests

• Order the cake, or if you’re feeling very brave, make it yourself

• Buy the decorations – you can keep this really simple depending on the theme of your party; for a pirates party a couple of jolly roger flags and pirate hats, or a tea party can have some pink table cloths and of course the crockery and cutlery for the ladies tea party

• When the kids arrive they can literally just play; as kids love cubby houses you won’t need to arrange any other games; but keep some up your sleeve, just in case some kids need to be distracted…play tag, hide and seek or have a treasure hunt, whatever goes.

A cubby house really is the best kid’s party venue; simple, cost effective and fun!

If you’re a daycare centre you could even consider hiring out your cubby house on the weekends to make a little bit of extra cash for the school? That could always go a long way!

With a cubby house your opportunities are endless when it comes to birthday parties…think creatively and you’re sure to come up with some very novel ideas!

Here are some great cubby houses for parties


Kettle Creek Cubby House


Kimba Castle Cubby House


Country Cottage



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