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Cubby House – a creative place for Kids play & Learning

Today’s kids are part of a digital generation that is growing up in a world surrounded by technology and the internet. They are using mobile phones, tablets, computers and other gadgets on a daily basis. This digital era certainly affecting the psychology and behavior of early child. The development of technology has a positive and negative impact on every childhood. It is negatively impacting moral development and character of kids if not supervised by parents. It is closing doors for communication in the real world; children tend to be personalized and becoming introvert.

Having a Cubby House provide kids their own little zone in this digital world, that helps them to connect with Mother Nature and our surroundings directly. A good Cubby House provides areas for active and free play, space for Kids Toys and moreover wings to their imagination. It includes facilities that encourage imaginative and creative play.

Kids Cubby is best way for children to learn important childhood lessons on their own. It gives them freedom to work out a few things for themselves and teaches them self-care. It provides a permanent space that challenges them a little and boosts their self-confidence. Not only physically, a Cubby House provides endless imaginative opportunities to bring out your child’s creativity. This helps in kids mental growth and also help them to unlock many learning and fun activities.

When children gather in their Cubby House to play, they learn many essential social & emotional lessons of life. They learn to communicate, share, collaborate and develop a feeling of compassion and bonding with each other. A bunch of kids piling into a Cubby House are going to have different ideas about the way they use Kids Toys inside their cubby. This makes Kids Cubby not only an enjoyable and special experience for the kids, but educational as well.


Kids Cubby – a best way to build Parent-Child relationship

In recent years, the relationship between parents and children has profoundly changed. It has been deteriorating day by day due to busy schedules and modern lifestyles. There is an urge of adding those activities in day to day parenting life which increases interaction with kids, helps in improving bonding between parents & children. A backyard Cubby House is the best way for bridging communication gap between parent-child. It helps parents to get into their kids shoe and spend some quality time with them through fun activities.

Here at cubbykraft we not just build Cubby House; we try to build emotions and relationships. We try to make our cubbies to be big enough that parents can get inside and have fun with their kids. When a thought of buying a Kids Cubby comes in your mind, definitely you think of their safety first. That’s why while designing we look at the cubbies from a kid’s perspective. We look at things such as where can little ones keep their toys, where to keep windows, choosing high quality material, designing attractive roofs, color combinations and proper ventilation.

Cubby House is one of the best ways to keep your children in the backyard, engaging them in outdoor activities. Along with this we should help them by providing Kids Toys that are not only for fun but also act as a tool for their developmental growth. It creates a special space for your child to play games, talk, write, eat, and read along with friends and other family members. You can sit back, watch your kids and engage them in creative and learning activities. It helps kids to make sweet childhood memories and even enables parents to live up their childhood days again. These experiences play an important role in building parent-child bonding. It brings emotional stability in children and allows them to understand the world around them in a better way. It also enables them to develop their creativity and ideas through fun activities.


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