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Cubby Houses and Forts Are Made to Be Used

Fine and strong Australian timber is used to create our cubby houses and forts – they are built to last! We don’t want your kids to turn into couch potatoes. No way! So our heart and soul goes into each and every one of our designs. Your kids are going to want to play in their cubbies day and night. They are going to shoot off into as many adventures as you can imagine, all while being in the safety of their very own backyard. That is the thing about cubby houses and fort, they are made to be used. We know how to make a backyard toy kids like. Take a look at the many reasons kids love using our cubbies:

They make a birthday party or backyard event so much more fun. The cubbie can be the main part of your child’s birthday party theme. For instance, it can be Hogwarts for a Harry Potter party or the ship for a pirate party, or even the castle for a princess party. So many fun ideas by using this one special toy.

Play dates and sleepovers are a blast when you have a backyard cubby fort or house. And think about how much fun they will have being loudĀ  while you are in the house where it is quiet. You can serve snacks and keep the mess outside. Having a cubby house in your backyard really saves a parent a lot of clean up.

The fireman’s pole is cool to go down. Nothing beats pretending to make a quick getaway then actually getting away quickly. A fireman’s pole allows your kids to do just that – zip down in record time and take off the minute they hit the ground.

Climbing walls are the perfect toy to tackle over and over again. When your kids see their rock wall on the cubby, they will immediately want to run to it and scramble up. The next time around, they will want to ‘do it faster’ or go up a different way. Or they may pretend they are on a famous rock face, like on Mount Everest.

With their cubby house at the center, your kids will invest in the world of imagination. Any and every adventure is enhanced when you have a toy that becomes the place you are pretending to be. For instance there is nothing like shooting off into space when you have an excellent rocket like the tower on the Chipmonk Kinder Gym.


The Chipmonk Kinder Gym is an excellent cubby house design for growing families. Not only does it have a big cubby house, but it also has a fort, slide, and swings – your kids will never get enough of this great toy! They will spend so many hours playing that you will have to beg them to come back in the house when the day is done. There is so much for your kids to do when you have such a cool toy in your own backyard.


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