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Birchwood Cubby House Kids Playground Equipment

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Outdoor playground equipment, like our Birchwood Cubby Cubby House shown here, will keep your kids busy playing all day long.
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Price: $2597.00
Size: 4800 x 2400

What you need to know about our Birchwood Cubby House

The Birchwood cubby house has everything your child wants in a cubby play house and more! It is large in size at 2400 x 4800mm, giving your growing family plenty of room to play.

The front steps of the Birchwood cubby house lead to a covered veranda where your child can play with the toys that come with their cubby house kit: a periscope, telescope, steering wheel, and phone. Or they can choose to slide back down the slide and repeat the action over and over again. They can also go up into the cubby house and pretend like it is their castle in the sky!

Cubby houses like the Birchwood Cubby House inspire children to use their creative juices. Studies show that children who exhibit good play skills with imaginative and emotional play situations show better skills at coping, creativity and problem solving. So, let your children's take them anywhere in the world – all while they are playing safely in their very own backyard cubbie.

The elevated design of the Birchwood Cubby House will allow your child to enjoy a sand pit underneath. In the sand they will be able to challenge their imaginations even more by creating a whole world in the sand. They will love it so much that it will keep them busy playing for hours and hours, every day.

Just think about how easy it will be to raise healthy kids when they have a cool cubby house play set like the Birchwood cubby house in their own backyard. Kids love to run around and play, jump up on things, swing and climb. all things that are healthy exercise. Providing the toys they will use to do these activities gives them the opportunity to exercise every single day. And the best part about having outdoor toys like this is, you do not need to take them out to a park. They will want to stay home and play with their cubby where it is safe.

Backyard toy accessories are available for the Birchwood Cubby House, they include a full or half front door with a handle that can be attached, flower boxes to pretty up the front part of the house, skylights for more natural light in the cubby house, and a letter box. These will all help your children feel right at home in their cubby house. This cubby design really benefits from having a full or half-door where one child can play inside the cubby and not be bothered by children playing on the veranda or sliding down the slide.

Please note that additional toys for cubbies are available to purchase that will go with your kids playground equipment. Your children will enjoy their use as well. These toys range from Animal themed spring rockers, swings, ropes and wooden toys like a ship's steering wheel where your child can be captain of their own fleet.

Our Cubby Houses and Forts Are Designed with Safety in Mind

Safety, as well as fun, is of the utmost importance for each design at CubbyKraft. You will find that the Birchwood cubby house is made of non-toxic material and only the finest in Australian organic timber. It's sanded down into a sleek feel that makes it entirely safe for kids to play in and around. The windows are glassless and the toys are sturdy. The elevated design is sturdy as it is secured with structure support posts. Parents can be at ease knowing that their children are playing safely in their cubby house in their backyards.

We Ship Cubbies All Over Australia

The Birchwood cubby house kit can be shipped anywhere in Australia. The precut pieces are very easy to assemble and all of the easy-to-read directions come in your cubby house kit. The cubbies are designed for the average handyman to put together, but you are not alone! Do-it-yourself consultants are always available to give you a hand through online videos, see the link on the right hand side of the age, through email and over the phone during normal business hours. Instructions for our kids playground equipment are clear and easy to follow, clearly labeled you will be able to put this together and if tour children are old enough, you may want them to help. It will make them feel like they had a special job building their own cubby house.

Your kids are going to love playing in their cubby house!

Cubby House Outside Toys Include

Outside Toys, Steering Wheel Outside Toys, Periscope Outside Toys, Handles Outside Toys, Telescope
Steering Wheel Periscope Handles Telescope



Colorbond Roof Colour Selection (Note: Screen colours provided as a guide only.)


Birchwood Cubby House Order Selection

(Width x Depth)
Handyman pre-cut kit (pine). Wooden cubby house includes plans
4800 x 2400 $2697.00

Accessory Pricing and Order Selection

Half door kit $24 Door knobs (plain) $5 Flower box $15
Full door kit $37 Letterbox $17

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